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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Participatory Guarantee System (PGS)?
What is organic farming?
Why do we need PGS? Aren’t third-party certification systems enough?
What is the vision of PGSOC?
What are the objectives of PGSOC?
Why should I buy PGSOC certified produce?
  1. Quality organic products: PGSOC certified products are 100% organic, nutritious and tastes good. The authenticity of organic produce has been maintained by enabling a transparent, community driven, participative and trust based system of organic certification and marketing.
  2. Fair Price: PGSOC ensures a fair price is given to the primary producers i.e. farmers along with ensuring quality organic produce are accessible and affordable for common consumers creating a win-win situation for both producers and consumers. PGSOC has done this by reducing the cost and paper work required for organic certification and also developing efficient and shorter supply chains and market linkages.
  3. Environment friendly: The PGSOC farmers work in harmony with nature by following agro-ecological practices and promoting biodiversity and thus sustain the health of soils, ecosystems and people. PGSOC promotes local markets and shorter supply chains which is a more eco-friendly option of consumption.
  4. Supports local economy and small farmers: PGSOC organic certification contemplates the diverse farming and market conditions of country like India and have incorporated inclusiveness and fairness. PGSOC has brought thousands of small and marginalized farmers, rain-fed farmers and tribal communities under the umbrella of organic certification and provided them with market support.
How will I identify if a product is PGSOC certified?
The products which are certified by PGSOC will have the following PGS Organic logo in the package. pgsoc-label
Where can I procure PGSOC products?
PGSOC products can be procured from the following sources:

  1. Directly from the Farmer Producer Organisations and the Community based organization of the PGSOC certified farmers or from their retail outlets.
  2. PGSOC consumer cooperative outlets.
  3. PGSOC exclusive retail stores.
  4. Other retail outlets.
How can I as a consumer participate in the PGSOC process?
How can a farmer collective get PGSOC certificate?
PGSOC certification process is facilitated by grassroots organization working with small and marginal organic farmers whom we call Facilitation Council. The grassroots organisations are selected by PGSOC based on a due-diligence process. The Facilitation Council facilitates PGS among multiple Local groups of 5 or more farmers from same locality. The farmer collectives can either apply to become a Facilitation Council or approach existing Facilitation Councils for certification. The farmer collectives can reach out to for further information.
Can individual farmers obtain PGSOC certificate?
What should I do if I find that PGSOC certified product is tested positive for pesticide residue?
Any issues related to PGSOC certified products and its quality can be reported by mail to . PGSOC has an internal control system to address consumer complaints which are reported to them.