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Our Manifesto

  1. Our system is based on Trust, participation, peer review and shortest supply chain and not dependent on third party surveillance or regulations for authenticity and reliability. It enables consumers to be an integral part of food systems and strives to place humans and nature over processes and systems.

  2. We reject the idea of mono-culturing of agriculture which results in the loss of biodiversity and also in lesser nutrients available in the food consumed by all.

  3. We aim to challenge the idea of safe food being possible only through establishments of large scale and shift focus to the more efficient de-centralised local food systems co-owned and managed as collectives or co-operatives of producers and consumers.

  4. Through co-operative participation of Community Based Organisations, Voluntary Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations and Local Governments we aim to facilitate the urban consumers to connect to their sources of food and clothing.

  5. We work collaboratively with various organisations, individuals, civil society members, artisans, farmers and consumer interest groups and aim to support and facilitate newer members and markets.

  6. Our goal is to evolve as a think tank in the National Organic movement with the purpose of identifying relevant issues, distil the essence of broad discussions and to develop concept clarity.