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People have pledged

I understand the importance of safe and nutritious food for myself and my society and pledge the following:

  1. I believe that participation is power and shall use the power to steer the current food systems towards a more ecologically and socially just system for all.

  2. I understand the importance of pledging support to small and marginal farmers adopting PGS and honor and respect the effort taken by them to collectivize, produce and to peer review each other to provide me the guarantee of safe food.

  3. I shall strive to understand the importance of healthy soil, seeds and all other resources which play an important role in the process of agriculture.

  4. I shall strive to change my food consumption to include more and more of locally grown, bio diverse produce.

  5. I believe that an economically just society is possible when enterprises are owned and controlled by communities that depend on them for livelihoods, sustenance and ecological wellbeing and will strive to support such enterprises.